Our office and our shop have certified dogs!  They each want you to know how welcome you are to come into their home (away from home), and they hope you visit often.

Blue is our 3 year old drama queen (this, according to her vet).  A certified shop dog, her job is to break down boxes and she performs exceptionally well.  She is half Weimaraner, half Redbone Coonhound.  Most folks think she is a Chocolate Lab, but we promise there is not one drop of lab in her.  While tiny for either of her breeds, she has a heart bigger than Texas and is a bundle of energy.  She adores meeting people and fetches only when it suits her.  We further promise you cannot catch this dog.  And yes, you can take that as a challenge!

Artemus is our 1 1/2 year old Treeing Walker Coonhound.  He and Blue fell head over heels for each other when he was  8 weeks old, and they remain smitten with each other, except during feeding time.  The Westminster Kennel folks like to claim that Walkers make great family pets as long as you keep in mind that they are "independent thinkers."  We can confirm that Artie does what he wants when he wants, and no matter how much we want him to do something differently, he will agree only when he sees fit.  He is very vocal and normally has quite a bit to chat about.  Also a certified shop dog,  his main job is to kill the broom should it ever venture out from its corner.

Fauna is our certified office dog on a part-time basis.  She is a five year old (Canadian) German Shepherd, and she has the best temperament ever.  She is our door greeter, and will often require you to step over her.  She loves to play with Blue and Artie, but often finds their drama beneath her dignity.  Her main job is to protect her owner, and she takes that job quite seriously.  Fauna shows us daily that German Shepherds have ingrained Pointer tendencies.  She knows exactly where the biscuits are and will point and stare at them until someone realizes how hungry she is.